1. Smart wireless healthcare monitoring for drivers community
2. Smart ration card using RFID and GSM technique
3. Smartmote-An innovative autonomous Wireless Sensor Node architecture
4. Reliability of an in - vehicle warning system for railway level crossings-a user-oriented analysis
5. Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicine technology
6. Temperature and humidity monitoring through wireless sensor network using shortest path algorithm
7. Embedded system for home automation using SMS
8. Design and implementation of load cell based fuel level measurement
9. Smart Sensing Materials for Low-Cost Chipless RFIDSensor
10. New Design for Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Based on GSM Module TC35i
11. Monitoring activities of daily living based on wearable wireless body sensor network
12. Velocity difference control based on dynamic tracking of safe following distance in the process of vehicle following
13. Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection
14. NFC enabled intelligent hospital appointment and medication scheduling
15. A new prototype of smart parking using wireless sensor networks
16. Development of an ambulatory ECG system based on Arduino and mobile telephony for wireless transmission
17. Apply of coal - bunker fire warning system based on ZigBee
18. A High - Resolution Sensor Network for Monitoring Glacier Dynamics
19. Remote access of robot via internet
20.Detecting illegal pickups of intercity buses from their GPS traces.

21. A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for Wi-Fi based real-time patient
monitoring system
22. Autonomous emergency stop system
23. Monitor and remote control of a heating cloth for the aged
24. Localization of objects based on inertial sensor data
25. Remote fish aquaculture monitoring system based on wireless transmission technology
26. Low cost heart rate monitoring device using Bluetooth
27. Wireless gesture recognition system using MEMS accelerometer
28. A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System
29. Automated energy saving and safety system
30. Cloud based automatic street light monitoring system
31. The environmental cognition and agilely service in home service robot intelligent space
based on multi-pattern information model and Zigbee wireless sensor networks
32. A novel supervisory control for residential building protection system
33. Smart, public buses information system
34.Distributed process monitoring and control
35. A portable oxygen concentration detection and monitor system using a smartphone and aportable sensor module
36. ZigBee wireless communication for monitoring renewable street light system
37. Designing of mobile controlled automatic Interactive Voice Response irrigation system
38. Live demonstration: A wearable wireless ECG acquisition and specification system
39. GPS guided farm mapping and waypoint tracking mobile robotic system
40. NFC Smart Tourist Card: Combining Mobile and Contactless Technologies towards a Smart Tourist Experience
41. Embedded microcontroller using GPS as a security resource for disabled people
42. Texas instruments MSP430 microcontroller based portable multi-purpose instrument for android platforms
43. A novel algorithm for secure Internet Banking with fingerprint recognition
44. Generation of digital signature from multi-feature biometric traits for digital right management control
45. Vehicle Data Acquisition and Telemetry
46. Analysis of e-Toll card usage at Pondok Ranji Tollgate
47. A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for Wi-Fi based real-time patient monitoring system
48. Ultrasonic sensor system for ecology observation and timing synchronization of ZigBee network
49. Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection
50. Real time solid waste bin monitoring system framework using wireless sensor network
51. RFID-Based Sensors forZero-Power Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks
52. Autonomous tour guide robot by using ultrasonic range sensors and QR code recognition in indoor environment
53. Secure key management scheme based on ECC algorithm for patient's medical information in healthcare system
54. Lab-on-Phone: A Participatory Sensing system
55. Design of reverse search car system for large parking lot based on NFC technology
56. Development of a system for the glucose level in the blood monitoring
57. Model-Based Health Monitoring for a Vehicle Steering System With Multiple Faults of Unknown Types
58. Attendance System Using NFC Technology and Embedded Camera Device on Mobile Phone
59. Obstacle avoidance and orientation determination for a remote operated vehicle
60. Intelligent Fusion of Wi-Fi and Inertial Sensor-Based Positioning Systems for Indoor Pedestrian Navigation
61. Energy Efficient Environment Monitoring System Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard for
62. Wi-Fi Direct data transmission for wireless medical devices
63. Secured GPS based traffic monitoring system in pervasive environment
64. Biometric Access Control Implementation Using 32 bit Arm Cortex Processor
65. Estimating Speed Using a Side-Looking Single-Radar Vehicle Detector
66. Wireless Communication Infrastructure for a Short-Range Unmanned Aerial
67. Implementation of flash flood monitoring system based on wireless sensor network in Bangladesh
68. An Efficient ZigBee-WebSocket Based M2M Environmental Monitoring System
69. Design and Implementation of a Sustainable Wireless BAN Platform for Remote Monitoring of Workers Health Care in Harsh Environments
70. Improved Use of Foot Force Sensors and Mobile Phone GPS for Mobility Activity Recognition
71. A novel algorithm for secure Internet Banking with finger print recognition
72. A secure biometrics-based remote user authentication scheme for secure data exchange
73. Closed-set Speaker Identification in Speech Gateways
74. Relay-by-smartphone: realizing multihop device-to-device communications
75. Low-cost obstacle detection device for sight impaired people
76. A toilet danger detection system for aged people
77. An Integrated Approach to Snowmelt Flood Forecasting in Water Resource Management
78. Smart ration card using RFID and GSM technique
79. Remote monitoring in home automation using low cost microcontroller
80. Home energy management systems: Design guidelines for the communication infrastructure
81.A novel design of user responsive smart meter integrated automated EMS inn SCADA interfaced smart grid
82. Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and ZigBee Authorization

83. Development of wireless RGB LED dimming control technology using smart phone
84. Implementation of 802.15.4 for designing of home automation and power monitoring system
85. Android interface based GSM home security system
86. Design and Performance Enhancements in Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception
87. Location finder using Augmented Reality for railways assistance
88. Web-based remote monitoring system for nuclear power plant
89. The Application of ZigBee Technology to the Intelligent Bus Query System
90. Optical Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Using LED Transmitter and Camera Receiver
91. NFC based secure mobile healthcare system
92. Harmful Gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design
93. Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity
94. Collision detection system for vehicles in hilly and dense fog affected area to generate collision alerts
95. Presence detection, identification and tracking in smart homes utilizing bluetooth enabled smartphones
96. Enhanced biometric smart key scheme for smart card authentication
97. Power-efficient Interrupt-driven Algorithms for Fall Detection and Classification of Activities of Daily Living
98. A dynamic method to monitor public transport based Onsmart card and GPS Data
99. NavEye: Smart guide for blind students
100. A low cost multi-sensor approach for early warning in structural monitoring of buildings and structures


VHDL & Chip Layout
System Design
Industrial Automation

1. IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System
2. IOT Solar Power Monitoring System
3. Programmable Energy Meter With Bill Estimation
4. Advanced Footstep Power Generation System
5. Coin Based Water Dispenser System
6. Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System
7. IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
8. Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project
9. Rough Terrain Beetle Robot
10. Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES
11. Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing
12. Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle
13. Fingerprint Bank Locker
14. Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System
15. Solar UPS Project
16. GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection
17. Automated Car Parking With Empty Slot Detection
18. Vehicle Movement Street Light With Light Sensing Atmega
19. Wireless Patient Health Monitoring
20. Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage
21. High Performance Hovercraft With Power Turning
22. Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project
23. Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
24. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm
25. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle
26. Gsm Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)
27. Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection
28. IOT Garbage Monitoring System
29. GSM Patient Health Monitoring
30. IOT Electronic Door Opener
31. Soldier Health & Position Tracking System
32. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
33. Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert
34. Hovercraft Controlled By Android
35. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
36. Traffic Density Control With Android Override Using Avr
37. GSM based Industry Protection System
38. CNG/LPG Gas Leakage Accident Prevention System
39. Accident Identification and alerting project
40. Fingerprint Authenticated Device Switcher
41. Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication
42. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion
43. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
44. Remote Stepper Motor Controller System
45. RTC Based Pump Switcher
46. Secure Fingerprint Bank Locker With Image Capture
47. Smart Room Temperature Controller Atmega
48. Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector With SMS Notification To Owner
49. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick
50. Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project
51. CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert
52. Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter
53. IOT Weather Reporting System54.
54. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
55. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
56. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
57. IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project
58. IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
59. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System